A sampling of comments from appreciative interior designers and satisfied
home owners.

A belated but most appreciative thank you for making my living room carpet look like NEW! It was especially important for the photographs which were taken that week. You should see your "hand-work" in the October issue of House Beautiful! Again, thank you for your thoughtfulness.
Mr. William Hodgins

It has been quite a long time since I've had the pleasure of such outstanding service as you provided me today. Your initial response to our problem was timely; you were on time for your service call; you diagnosed the problem and its cause promptly and knew exactly how to solve that problem (which was not easy)...removing stains from velveteen type pile which we had previously made worse by trying to treat the stains ourselves.

You completely eradicated the stains and restored the fabric - and without loss of color or deterioration. Thank goodness we had received your Fiber-Shield treatment years ago. On top of all this, you said, "No charge, it's part of our Fiber-Shield service." Incredible, in this day and age! You simply are the best at what you do! Thank you for your very good work.

T Paxman

I want to thank you and your employees for a job well done at Beverly Farms. The report on your technician was glowing. "Everything looks great! The Fiber-Shield man was here until 6:00 PM to finish our job. He really worked hard." That is music to my ears, of course. I appreciate the opportunity to work with Industry partners of ASID who pride themselves in the way they deliver services to my clients. You make great team members.
L Bonneville

What would I do without MWI Fiber-Shield? You guys make my life so much easier! The other day, when a customer spilled chocolate on our new cassina sectional (upholstered in linen), I knew all I had to do was run down the hall to get one of you. Not only did you get the chocolate out, you came in on a Saturday to accommodate us. Who else in this business would be so helpful? Both Chris and I thank you again for giving us such excellent service.
L Bates

Thank you again for cleaning my rug for me, and for the pickup and delivery! You guys are awesome - which is why I never hesitate to recommend you to people - I know you won't disappoint! Thanks again for all your efforts!
S Knowlton

My husband and I would like to thank you for the recent touch-up cleaning of our sofa. "Accidents" will happen, as we found out. You took care to make sure we were satisfied customers. Your firm went above and beyond what was expected. Please feel free to use this letter as a standing recommendation from our household. We are very satisfied customers and we plan to use your services again whenever we invest in fine furniture.
D & J Patterson

Thank you for taking the time to explain the advantages of Fiber-Shield. You were very thorough and professional.

I certainly didn't expect to try out the merits of the product so soon after it was applied. A new sectional sofa and a child's bloody nose - what a combination!
I did as you instructed to remove the stains and it worked thoroughly. I certainly feel more at ease knowing Fiber-Shield is not only protecting our new sectional but it is also protecting our new wall to wall carpeting throughout the house.

Of course, a high recommendation will go out to all our friends for you and the product.

G Schulman


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