Laboratory Data

Resistance to Stains:
Fiber-Shield out-performed three other well-known stain repellants for coffee, cola,
tomato juice, and mustard. Fiber-Shield repelled oil where the other two silicone
products did not. Diotomaceous earth (soil) clung to silicone treated fabrics and
carpeting while fabrics and carpeting treated with Fiber-Shield exhibited no such

Conclusions: Fiber-Shield out-performed the other products and proved to have
superior stain resistance. The silicone treated fabrics did not provide any oil or soil

Dry Cleaning test:
In this test, several fabrics were treated with Fiber-Shield. After five dry cleanings
(using chlorinated solvent), Fiber-Shield showed better stain resistance than the other
products under test.

Washing test:
After thirty detergent and water wash cycles in a conventional washing machine, the treated samples were tested to see if they still repelled soil, oil, and water. The fabrics treated with Fiber-Shield exhibited no significant loss of their stain repelling properties.

Abrasion Resistance:
Treated fabrics showed fifteen to twenty-five percent greater wear resistance than the
other products under test, and fifty to one hundred percent greater wear resistance
than untreated fabrics. (This test consisted of using the Taber Abrader Method.)

Flammability Test:
Two tests were performed. One was to determine whether or not Fiber-Shield
changed the flammability rating of the various fabrics that were tested after treatment.
The second was to determine if Fiber-Shield had a flash point, making it either
flammable or combustible.

Conclusions: Fabrics that were treated with Fiber-Shield had the same flammability
rating as those that were untreated. Fiber-Shield showed no flash point, and therefore
posed no fire hazard to the application site.


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