Our Services

Here are descriptions of how we handle particular products.

Broadloom Carpeting

We clean every type of pile, weave, and fiber. Different carpets can require different temperatures, detergents, and additives for correct cleaning and optimal results. Our technicians have the expertise, training and patience, to procede carefully and correctly with your carpet cleaning, so you get the best results possible. Fiber-Shield protectors are fully compatible with mill-applied protectors, and will further enhance your carpet's stain resistance and durability.

Area Rugs

Usually, we're able to clean your area rugs right on site. We believe onsite cleaning for your area rugs is generally preferable to removal. With onsite cleaning, you avoid the headache, inconvenience, and risk of damage that comes with transporting and handling these heavy, delicate items. Every area rug cleaning begins with a thorough vacuuming, and ends with careful grooming for a soft, meticulous finish. Fringes are hand-cleaned and bleached if necessary, though we like to minimize bleaching because it tends to degrade certain fibers. We have lots of experience with difficult weaves and challenging fibers. We know how to clean axminsters, wiltons, sisal, silk, wool, and every other type of construction. If needed, we're happy to take your rug to our warehouse for extra attention, blocking, storage, or repair.


As you might expect, no area of cleaning is fraught with more risk than furniture fabrics. Many professional cleaners simply won't touch the fabrics and weaves that we routinely service, and many homeowners avoid cleaning their furniture because they have no confidence that their valuable furnishings will be handled safely. Well, no need to fear! MWI has over twenty years of experience in the designer market, and we understand your concern. We have the expertise to handle just about any cleaning challenge. And remember, protecting all of your fabrics with Fiber-Shield will offer an invaluable advantage in your efforts to maintain them.

Window Treatments & Fabric Wallcoverings

Draperies, swags, jabots, romans, sheers, blinds, if it's in your window, we can clean it. From a gentle vacuuming and freshening to dry cleaning to washing, we have the skills and know-how required to handle these delicate items, and keep them looking their best. Fabric wallcoverings also are always a good candidate for Fiber-Shield protection.


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