Questions and Answers

Are your products green?
Yes, all of our protectors are safe, non-toxic, and are derived from organic compounds. They do not harm the ozone layer, and pose no health risk to humans. They are listed as green in the Green Chemicals handbook.

Will the Fiber-Shield protector change the appearance or texture of my fabric or carpet? No, once the Fiber-Shield protector is applied and fully cured, you can't see it, smell it, or feel it.

What type of cleaning method do you use?
We employ several types of cleaning methods, depending on the circumstances. The method we use most frequently for carpets, rugs, and fabrics is hot water, or steam extraction. Some fabrics and rugs require dry cleaning, and occasionally, a combination of methods is needed for optimum results.

How often should I call you for cleaning?
We recommend that most carpeting be cleaned at least once a year. Every client is unique. Every piece of upholstery and drapery, depending upon their use and exposure to dust,dirt and staining will have specific needs and attention. Some areas, such as the entry room of a home or kitchen/dining room chairs may require several cleanings a year. Wayne Southworth is available to stop by at a convenient time to properly access your needs at no charge.

Will too-frequent cleaning damage my things?
When the appropriate amount of the proper detergents and solvents are used at the correct temperature and all residues are removed, then cleaning is never detrimental. In fact, leaving your carpets or fabrics in a soiled condition is harmful to them. Spots, spills, and stains become more difficult to remove the longer they're left alone. Soil residue will grind away at soft fiber, and may cause permanent damages. Don’t wait to call us.

Do I need to be concerned about any harmful residues?
Absolutely not. We use safe, effective detergents and solvents in all of our cleaning and protection. MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheets) are available on all the chemicals we use, and we will provide whatever information on them that we can. If we need to spray anything that might cause you discomfort, we'll let you know, get your permission first, and ventilate thoroughly during and after application. We use gentle, softened water to thoroughly flush and rinse away all soil and detergent residues from your carpets and fabrics, leaving them soft, fresh, and germ-free.

How long does your protection last?
Fiber-Shield products have been shown under laboratory tests to outperform every other fluoropolymeric protector on the market. It's very durable! Fiber-Shield will not wash out with cleaning, but it can begin to wear off with heavy use. Here is our policy; If your treated item has had enough use - enough abrasion - that cleaning is required, then have us clean it, and we will reapply the Fiber-Shield protector at no charge.

What type of spot is the most difficult to remove?
Generally, acidic spills present the most challenges, primarily because carpeting is receptive to acid-based colorants. Coffee can be difficult because it is generally hot, and the heat acts as a catalyst for dye reaction. Another difficult stain is urine, which also goes on at an elevated temperature. Urine starts out acidic, and forms salts which aren't soluble in water, so cannot be readily rinsed out. To further complicate things, urine then breaks down into other reactive chemicals, and becomes very alkaline. So, the acid in urine sets the yellow stain, and then alkalinity further damages and bleaches the carpet fiber. Meantime, the urine has seeped into the carpet backing, padding, and sometimes even the subfloor, creating odor problems that can be tough to fix. Other tough spills include ink, orange juice, tomato sauce, tea, and mustard.


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