Our Free Service Guarantee

Unless otherwise specified, a free service guarantee* is included with treatment. That guarantee provides for free service calls for the timely removal of spots and spills from all treated items. ALSO: If you later have us clean those treated furnishings, we will re-protect them with Fiber-Shield products and renew your service guarantee - free. That means you should only have to pay for treatment once for the entire lifetime of any furnishing, depending upon your geographic location.

A word about protectors:
There are all sorts of carpet and fabric protection products on the market. Silicones, siloxanes, acrylics, and polymers (polymer refers to the linked molecular structure of a material) make up the majority, with the polymers way out in front. The silicones, silanes, and silioxanes are chemically incompatible with almost all mill-applied protectors. They also tend to attract oil (such as skin oils) and soil, so are not an appropriate choice for your needs. That leaves fluoropolymers.

For the sake of illustration, we’ll compare polymers to paint. There’s high quality paint, and low quality paint, with a range of performance in between. There are waterbased, oil-based, and acrylic based paints, too. Some paints dry faster than others, and almost all have a curing period where they’re safe to touch, but still not ready for use at this time.

Polymeric protectors are a bit like paint, in that there are good ones and not-so-good ones, different chemical bases, and different rates and methods of curing. What we’ve done, plainly and simply, is to find the best paint money can buy, with the best formulation and consistency, in order to provide you with the best choice possible.

A word about expectations:
All protectors wear out (although Fiber-Shield has demonstrated excellent abrasion resistance against its competitors), and must be reapplied on occasion. We’re often asked, How long will this protection last? (Please refer to our questions and answers section of our web site.) Just as importantly, we want you to appreciate that no protector, no matter how high quality, will be stain-proof. Spills can and occasionally might still penetrate your furnishings, depending on variables such as type, size, and temperature of spill; also fabric type, texture, and weave, etc. That’s where our service guarantee comes in. Our whole service plan is designed to encourage you to deal with the situation right away. Blot up what you can, then, if appropriate, use the spot remover we provided you. And if you cannot quickly and easily remove the spot, call us right away and we will come out as soon as a visit can be conveniently arranged, and remove the spot for you.

When you choose to have your furnishings protected by MWI, you’re buying the assurance and peace of mind that comes with buying the best. The best protection…the best service…the best results.

A word about maintenance:
Fiber-Shield's protective polymers will not work well in the presence of soil load. If your carpet or furnishing is soiled from use, then our protector can't do its job, and you need to have the item cleaned. We can arrange for periodic inspection and maintainance of everything you have treated so your environment looks and smells its best 24/7/365.

*Free service guarantee terms:

Please contact us if you'd like more information about the terms and conditions of our free service guarantee.


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